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Genealogy of Edna Marie (Pierce) Higginbotham

Henry Jefferson Taylor married Ellen Hamilton. Their children were:

1- James Jackson Taylor (Jimmy)

2- Rufus Moore Taylor (Dick)

3- Narsisus Taylor

4- Edna Maggie Taylor

Edna Maggie Taylor married John Henry Pierce. She was born 12-1-1886 and died 12-1-1930. Their children were:

John Jefferson Pierce, born 4-17-1906 and died 4-28-1962. He married Effie K. Eddins. (See family sheet of Effie Katherine Eddins Pierce.)

Dorothy Elizabeth Pierce, born 1-25-1914. Died 6-19-1979. She married George Jones on 4-3-34. They were divorced on 7-6-85. Their children were:

Frances Darlene 9-9-36;

Mary Ann 2-7-39, died 1 month premature:

James Ray 11-17-41;

George Allen 1-1-42, died at 5 months, with acute indigestion;

Shirley Ann 7-17-44, died 11-12-81;

Lois Jean 12-31-46;

Tommy Lynn and Linda Jo 5-9-48;

Robert Dale 12-12-49, died 6-27-99;

Betty Gail 3-7-55


3- Rufus Griffin Pierce, born 8-2-1915. Died 11-17-1985. He was first married to; Louella. She died about 1944. He was later married to Lola Cole. Their children were:

Rufus Griffin Jr.

Benjiman (Benny)

Beth Ann (adopted grand-daughter of Lola)

Ruby Narsisus Pierce, born 10-30-1918. She was married to Riley Jones/Ernest Voelkel/Louie Aldrich. Their children were:

Edna Maybeline, Killed in an auto accident on 7-14-94;

Jasper Riley Jr.

Frankie Lee

Edward Earl died as a child

Betty JoAnn died as a child

Ellen Pierce, died from fall off bench.

Two babies died at birth.

John Henry Pierce deserted his family.

Edna Maggie Taylor Pierce married Tommy Oliver. Their children were:

Thelma (Aunt Pet) Adele Oliver, born 6-28-1924. Died 4-7-92. She married Laverne Gann. Their children were:

Edna Marie



Leland; died in the terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon on 10-23-83 while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He was a radioman, and was working in the basement of the U.S. Embassy and was the last man removed from the building.


Twins, died at birth with their mother.

Edna Maggieís brother, James Taylor adopted Thelma (Aunt Pet), Ruby and Rufus were adopted by Starkey.

Ellen Hamiltonís mother, Narsisus Hamilton

Ellen Hamilton Taylorís brother, Patty Hamilton, was Mike Hamiltonís dad. (I donít understand it either, I am just typing what we were sent. M.E.H.)

Edna Maggie Taylor Pierce Oliver---Born 12-1-1886*** Died 12-1-1930

Tommy Oliver died one month after Edna Maggie.