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William Frank Eddins

(Maternal Grandfather of Edna Marie Pierce Higginbotham)

William Frank Eddins, born November 6, 1900. Died October 9, 1933 in car accident at Greenville, near Wolf City, Texas. He married Mollie Frances Stephens on April 4, 1918 in Fannin County, Texas. She was born May 1, 1900, and died 1989? in Houston Texas. Their children were:

1- Effie Katherine Eddins, born April 26, 1919 (See family below).

2- Mary Alice Eddins, born March 1, 1920?

3- William Frank Eddins Jr., born in 1922?

Frank and Mollie were divorced and he married second, Alice Edna Cantrell? They had a son named Johnnie Howard Eddins, Effie's half brother. They let her chose his name. His address is 515 Main St. Pasadena Texas 77506, phone number, 713-477-3608 in 1996.

William Frank Eddins had one brother named Jimmie Eddins. They were in the business of making mattresses. Jimmie had a son named Jimmie Jr. Have been unable to locate any of that bunch as of yet.

William Frank Eddins father's name was John Eddins, from Alabama: his mother was Miss Clinton from Texas. John had three brothers, Abner, (who was killed in the accident with Frank) Ethen and Daniel Eddins.


Family of Effie Katherine Eddins Pierce

(Ednaís Mother).

Effie Katherine Eddins Pierce, was born on April 26, 1919, in Ladonia, Texas. She married John Jefferson Pierce, February 17, about 1931 or 32. He died April 28, 1964 and is buried at Brookside Memorial Cemetery at Houston, Texas. His motherís name was Maggie Edna Pierce. She divorced Pierce and later re-married a man named Taylor.

Effie K. Eddins Pierce died September 17, 1988 and is buried at Dry Creek Cemetery near Grangerland, Texas. Their children were:

1- Edna Marie Pierce, born April 10, 1936. (Married Maurice Edwin Higginbotham).

2- Gladys Fay Pierce, born June 29, 1939. (Married Donald Brown Kersh).

3- Mary Ann Pierce, March 5, 1942. Died September 15, 1988,

She is buried at Dry Creek Cemetery, near Grangerland, Texas. She was married to Charles Reed.

4- John Jefferson Pierce Junior, born June 23, 1945.

5- Paul Calvin Pierce, born September 12, 1947.

6- Lewis Everett Pierce, born January 23, 1950.

7- Michael Edwin Pierce, born February 27, 1953.